About Us

Jim our founder started in the Weapons industry when he left school and started working for Britain’s MOD as an indentured apprentice and after serving his time as an apprentice worked for the navy. During his time there he worked on many projects and through his work the MOD obtained various patents. In 2005 he found himself and Di his wife in Rigby no longer working for the MOD and technically retired when a neighbor who happened to be a police officer offered him the chance to go shooting with them and use their service rifle which he felt could be improved upon. Requests to work on improving the ar15 started coming in so it was decided that as he was improving other rifles why not build a new rifle and as they were improving the rifle decided to call the company Quality Arms. So in 2009 Quality Arms Located in Rigby Idaho, was formed. Over the years, Quality Arms has grown to a custom AR-15s and AR10, manufacturer and although we continue to develop high quality products, our focus on customer care has never changed. We are more determined than ever to give our customers what they want – Quality Arms!

Over the Years we have built rifles for sheriffs depts. Home land security personal and Air Force personal to name a few and as an appreciation to all our service members we offer a discount as a thank you for your service.